Madera Parent Volunteer Policies

Reminder to all parent volunteers

Please sign in and out at the office whenever you are volunteering for the PTA, classrooms, library, yard duty or any function on the Madera campus.

There is a Volunteer log book to sign in and out just to the right of the office door. Please wear the temporary badge on each visit. Better yet go to the W.C.C.U.S.D. main office after you get a TB test and get the offficial laminated Volunteer badge with your very own picture. The Volunteer hours support our lobbying efforts and increase security at Madera.

If you see kids loitereing in the hallways direct them to their class or the office.

If you see an unfamiliar face direct the person to the office for check-in.

Finally review your family safety procedures with your children.

Let’s be responsible Madera Volunteers.

Virginia Northrop
PTA President