TGIF Madera Garden Work Party – this Friday!

Friday, May 2, 2008
2:45-5:45 p.m.

Dig in afterschool! Join the bucket brigade as we transport soil and compost off of our blacktop. This will be a true example of many hands making light work!

”We also hope to finish sifting soil into our east slope garden beds. Stop by for an hour or two…your help really makes a difference.

Snacks and beverages provided, thanks to a Safeway gift card from Oliver Jump’s family!
Way to Go, Volunteers!
Thanks to this past Sunday’s volunteers who came out on a beautiful sunny day: Jason, Jamila & Michelle Payton, Julia Walker, Tamika Whitenack and Judy Chin, Katrina & Peter Ireland, Virginia Northrop, Victor, and Paul Yaswen.
Also digging in to help was alum Oscar Mariscal and mom Andrina! Oscar is now in 6th grade at Portola, as is Jamila, who also was a great helper at the work party.
We finished amending our northwest slope beds, are almost done with the stairs connecting the two garden terraces, completed the lower east slope garden beds, painted the top coat of our shed and put in an apricot, sugar plum, Santa Rosa plum and blood orange tree.
Thank You Donors!
Garden gratitude to Virginia Northrop for her generous monetary donation and to Susan Martin and family for a OSH gift card to support the garden.
Gift cards are a great way to say that you want to help Madera have a school garden. OSH and Home Depot gift cards helps us to get garden supplies and Trader Joes, Safeway or Lucky gift cards allow us to buy beverages and snacks for the volunteers give their time and sweat at our garden work parties. Please place gift cards in a sealed envelope with your (or family’s name) marked “GARDEN” and bring to the office. Thank you!
The Madera Garden is an ALL VOLUNTEER EFFORT!
Thanks to the dozens who have helped. Thanks to YOU for considering how YOU can help build our school garden. For more information please contact Vicki Victoria.