TGIF Madera Garden Work Party – this Friday!

Friday, May 23, 2008
2:50-5:30 p.m.

Dig in afterschool! The garden infrastructure is looking GREAT! Now that we have our irrigation in (thanks to Paul Yaswen!), we can start planting our vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We’d love to have our children do the actual planting of our tomatoes, cukes, zuchinni, pumpkins, cilantro, marigolds and more.

Can you dig it? Helps us to dig gopher-proof holes to plant our pumpkin patch!

Stop by for an hour or two…your help really makes a difference.

Way to Go, Volunteers!
Thanks to the volunteers who helped at our recent work parties: Jasmine, Armand & Tiffany, Kristie, Jenna, Rachel & Maribel Manila, Elise Pierce, Gaurav & Sutapa Ghosal, Ryan, Laura Schooley, Alex & Patricia Hunt, Ryan Aguila, Virginia Northrop, Victor, Josephine, Jesse & James Ough and Paul & Max Yaswen.

Donations make us GROW!
Don’t like to get dirty or don’t have time to help? Gift cards are a great way to show that you support our school garden. OSH and Home Depot gift cards brings us garden supplies and Trader Joes, Safeway or Lucky gift cards allow us to buy beverages and snacks for the volunteers give their time and sweat at our garden work parties. Please place gift cards in a sealed envelope with your (or family’s name) marked “GARDEN” and bring to the office. Thank you!

Garden Meeting Tuesday, May 27th 2:55 pm Library – SAVE THE DATE
Summer plans, school year plans and long term plans…we need your input and help to make it work. Stay tuned for a follow-up eTree meeting notice.

The Madera Garden is an ALL VOLUNTEER EFFORT!
Thanks to the dozens who have helped. Thanks to YOU for considering how YOU can help build our school garden. For more information please contact Vicki Victoria