Free $ for Madera – Safeway 10% Rebate Program

Safeway is donating 10% back to schools on chosen products purchased between Aug. 6 – Sept. 9.

Redemption program starts today – September 12th.

Please turn in your Safeway Redemption Receipts or submit your Safeway Club Card number to support Madera – deadline is October 10th.

There are 2 ways to support Madera through this Safeway Program:

1) Simply email me your (and anyone else you know who shops at Safeway or Safeway related stores!!) Safeway Club Card number (11 digits on front of card) and I will enter for the rewards Club Card number! Your eligible purchases will be stored on your card and we can claim the 10% rebate.


2) Turn in register receipt tapes with redemption codes at the bottom in the red box in the Madera office. Safeway will start to print these today, Sept. 12, and continue through October 6th. Again – I only need one as it is for past purchases and remember that you can collect these from co-workers, family and friends. One does not have to be signed up for eScrip for Madera to receive the 10% special rebate.

I will need to enter the redemption codes and/or club card numbers online so email me the codes or get the receipts in the red box as soon as possible – deadline is Friday, October 10th.