FYI – State PTA’s stance on the newly proposed budget

September 16, 2008

California State PTA Urges Governor to Veto the Budget

Pam Brady, President, California State PTA has issued the following

On behalf of nearly one-million volunteer members, California State
PTA opposes the budget that was passed late last night by the
legislature. We urge Governor Schwarzenegger to veto this budget
because it is not good enough for California’s children or for
California’s future. It is impossible to know just how bad this
budget is yet because the public did not have a chance to review
details before the legislature took action – but from the details we
do know, this budget relies on borrowing and gimmicks that are not in
our state’s long-term interest. After months of delay by the
legislature, the public deserves a fair chance to see any proposal
before it is passed and signed into law. By vetoing the budget, the
Governor will be standing up for transparency, and standing up for a
budget that will not simply pass the buck for another year.

The PTA is the nation’s oldest, largest and highest profile volunteer
organization working on behalf of public schools, children and
families, with the motto “Every child, one voice.” PTA volunteers
work in their schools and communities to improve the education, health
and welfare of all children and youth. The PTA also advocates at
national, state and local levels for education and family issues. The
PTA is non-profit, non-secretarian and non-commercial.