PTA funding update


Thanks to everyone for the input on spending priorities and programs to help our kids and our school community. At last week’s meeting, the Madera PTA approved up to $70,000 in additional funding for projects this school year.

We approved funding for:

Math and Science programs
Additional assemblies, books, materials, and programs supporting math and science: $5,000

Arts and Music
Arts instruction and music education assemblies: $3,000

Physical Education
Supplies and materials to promote exercise and activitiy: $1,000

Computers and Technology
Additional supplies and equipment: $1,000

We also approved additional funding allocations for major site improvements:

  • Shade structures and seating: up to $20,000
  • Garden project management and development: $10,000
  • Refurbishment of the lower playground lawn and fence repair: $10,000

In addition, another $10,000 was allocated for reserve funding to enhance the programs shown above, as needed. Spending decisions regarding this will be made after the first quarter of 2009. (We also have another $10,000 budgeted in reserve to compensate for budget cuts, if needed.)

Many thanks to all who contributed their time, expertise, and thoughtful perspective to properly develop these program ideas, which I know will be immensely beneficial to our school community. We hope to get started on these program initiatives before the holiday break.

Best regards,

David Miller
Madera PTA