School Closure Update

Hi all– the WCCUSD school closure committees have completed their outreach meetings throughout the district.

More information is now at the district web site regarding their recommendations.

Several more meetings are scheduled to complete this analysis to reach the decisions about school closures in our district:

January 27, 2009
Public presentation of data collected from community as well as expert panel findings / recommendations.
Place/Time: DeJean Middle School 6:30p

January 29, 2009
Public presentation of recommendations that will go to the Board for a Board hearing on February 4.
Place/Time: DeJean Middle School 6:30p

February 4, 2009
As part of the regular meeting, the Board holds a hearing on the recommendation for consolidation / closures.
Place/Time: DeJean Middle School 6:30pm

February 11, 2009

Board approval of consolidation / closure plan for 2009-10 and 2010-11.
Place/Time: DeJean Middle School 6:30pm

I plan on attending most of these meetings, and will report on progress at our Madera PTA meeting on Monday, February 9th — two days before the final plans are presented for approval by the board. I hope to see you at the PTA meeting and at these important school district meetings.

~David Miller