School closure recommendations

Hi, all. Recommendations for school closures have been posted on the WCCUSD website. There is a staff recommendation, as well as a recommendation from a consulting firm (MGT America). Both recommend rebuilding Portola on the Castro site. Excerpts from the staff recommendation are pasted below.

For 2009-10, staff recommends that the Board close the schools listed below:

  • El Sobrante Elementary
  • Castro Elementary
  • Lake Elementary
  • Shannon Elementary
  • Adams Middle School

In addition, staff recommends that the following District facilities be closed and staff who are not laid off or reassigned to other positions, be placed at other district facilities. Those facilities are:

  • Seaview Staff Development Center
  • Furniture Warehouse

For the 2010-11 school year, staff recommends that the Board close the following schools sites:

  • Olinda Elementary
  • Nystrom Elementary with Grant Elementary as an alternate (see explanation below)
  • Kennedy High School
  • Gompers Continuation High School
  • North Campus Continuation High School/ Pupils Services Center
  • Serra Adult Education School
  • Alvarado Adult Education School

This recommendation also includes the following grade level changes:

  • Mira Visa to K-7 for 2010-11 and K-8 for 2011-12
  • Chavez, Wilson, Coronado, King, Lincoln, Dover and Stege to K-6 for 2009-10

The rationale for these changes include:

1. Mira Vista to K-8. Mira Vista is sited on a relatively large acreage for WCCUSD. Adding relocatable classrooms would allow the school to expand to K-7 for 2010-11 and to K-8 for 2011-12. Having up to an additional 180 seats for middle school-aged students in the area between the current Adams and Portola middle schools would accommodate students having to deal with the closure of Adams and the relocation of Portola. It would also allow the district enough space so that Portola could be built to a maximum size of only 600 students on the Castro site. Parents who prefer having their students in a K-8 school could use the district’s transfer process.


Chavez, Wilson, Coronado, King, Lincoln, Dover and Stege to K-6. This recommendation is based both on facilities needs and academic achievement. With a combination of both K-5 and K-6 grade configurations, there is significant inconsistency in support for curriculum, assessment and instruction in grades 5 and 6. Keeping this year’s fifth graders at the elementary school (all schools except Ford and Madera), would allow for the closure of Adams and housing of Manzanita Middle School at DeJean. Madera is not included because it is a school at maximum capacity and located on a site too small for adding portable classrooms. Ford is in temporary quarters at the Downer site while the building on Maricopa Avenue is rebuilt. Ford would become K-6 when the students return to the Maricopa site.