International Night – Thank You!

Dear Madera Families,

We are very thankful you braved the uncertain weather to attend International Night. Thank you for coming and bringing delicious cuisine! What a fabulous spread we had! If you are missing a dish/silverware, please look in the Lost & Found bin at the main school entrance.

Also, thank you for your cooperation and patience with our new RSVP this year.

We are especially grateful for our wonderful volunteers as well as those who stepped in last minute:

Terri-Lynn Sullivan
Theresa Nobles
Jessica McGuire
Patricia Hunt
Natalie Borreani
Ameena Jandali
Lisa Parra
Lini Su
Cecie & Louie Mendoza
Rula & Rich Craner
Jen & Ron Toledo
Robin Hansen
Clare Sheridan
Tom Dodd
Mark Carraher
David Miller
Martha Davis
Birthe Kirsch
David Roth
Inca Arrechiga
Maria Pia Allende
Karla & Raul Andrade
Virginia Northrop
Jesse Ough
Madera Teachers

Our apologies if we missed anyone but we appreciate ALL your help!

Lucy Kirsch, Sue Dodd, Karine Reed & Maria Bueno
International Night Committee