Madera Garden Chair needed for 2009-2010

Hello All,

Because you have helped to build the Madera Garden, have nurtured it, know how to grow, inspire others, have younger students and have been indispensible lead volunteers at our school, I would like to invite you to consider stepping up your role as the Madera Garden Chair for 2009-2010.

Max will be in fifth grade in the Fall and this next school will be my last at Madera. I think it’s important to the future of the garden that a new chair is established now. I will still be active with the garden and in doing so hope to ease the transition to a new chair, helping that person avoid having to “recreate the wheel” or figure out this and that all on their own.

As busy parents, the idea of becoming a committee chair may seem daunting. With this in mind, please consider partnering with another parent as “co-chairs”, which can be a very enjoyable way to lead a rewarding effort.

As Garden Chair, you will inspire volunteers to continue to take care of the garden through afterschool and/or weekend work parties. The PTA has shown it’s committment towards supporting the garden, so creating a budget for the garden’s needs for the year is as easy as writing it down and submitting it to the Executive Committee. The PTA has also expressed interest in funding a garden coordinator position that could help with the general needs of the garden. This job description needs to be developed and proposed, but would ultimately take the periodic “grunt work” off the shoulders of the committee/volunteers.

Regular garden meetings would also be scheduled to determine planting and harvesting schedules, volunteer coordination, etc.

You would also be working closely with Ms. Schooley, who has poured her heart and soul into the garden (plus countless hours and elbow grease) and also serves as the faculty liason. She communicates the needs, concerns and ideas of our teachers regarding planting space, curriculum, etc.

Personal rewards as chair are the faces of our children as they work, plant and harvest in the garden. As the flowers tower around them and beans fill their chubby little hands, your heart will burst and you will smile to yourself knowing that YOU brought this on.

When a child bites into a freshly picked cherry tomato and exclaims, “Wow, this is sweet!” you will smile smugly to yourself as you’ve tricked another child into discovering that vegetables can taste good and are important to good health. As chair, you are contributing to an invaluable legacy to our earth…YOU are helping to put our urban kids back in touch with nature and helping to ensure the healthy future of our planet.

I think that you’ll agree with me that the garden has enriched our school enormously and is worth working for. I hope that you will play a lead role in ensuring that it continues to grow and blossom year after year. Please feel free to email or call me to discuss your ideas, concerns and questions in further detail. Thanks for considering being an important part of our garden’s continued success.