Innisbrook Fundraiser

Hello Madera Families,

Help send our 5th Graders to Science Camp by participating in Madera’s
Annual Innisbrook Fundraiser!

Fifth grade at is a very special year for students. It is a Madera
tradition to provide a 3-4 day overnight educational camping
experience, as well as an end-of-year/elementary school fun day and a
promotion (graduation) ceremony. Many of our children have bonded
since Kindergarten. These 5th grade activities further strengthen this
bond, which will be valued and cherished as they move onto middle
school together.

By fundraising to help offset the costs of these activities, we will
ensure that camp scholarships are available to those families who need
assistance. Our fundraising efforts also cover camp fees for teachers/
chaperones and greatly offset the cost of providing bus
transportation, supplies, insurance, and other activities to all of
our 5th graders. By reducing overall costs to participate, we then
ensure that ALL our 5th graders are able to experience and celebrate
the completion of the elementary school education.

We choose Innisbrook as our main fundraising activity because of the
high quality of their products and the fact that 50% of our sales go
to the school. It’s even easier to this year because you can place
your orders online!

Watch your Blue Folders for the Innisbrook catalog. Share it with your
relatives, friends and co-workers knowing that every item purchased
helps let our 5th graders experience a wonderful last year at Madera.

Thank you for your support!