PTA Budget

PTA Budget – Fiscal Year 2010 (PDF)

We’re pleased to report that the Madera PTA had our first meeting and approved a program budget for the 2009-2010 school year. The budget includes more than $120,000 in direct support for school programs and instruction.

Included in the budget is $20 per student for all teachers for both classroom supplies and field trips ($40 total). The budget also includes funding for cultural arts (school-wide assemblies), and continued funding for music education, computer instruction, library book purchases, and the Madera Garden project. We will also continue funding popular activities like the Olympics, the 1000 Page Club, International Night, the Winter Sing-Along, and the Science and Art Fairs.

Our district is in the midst of a financial crisis, and to address this we have approved additional funding to make up programs and supplies that have been cut. Included is funding for:

Instrumental Music $12,000

Physical Education $2,000

Copier $10,000

Copy Paper $4,000

Office Supplies $1,000

Playground Fencing $5,000

EL Teacher $6,000

Math & Science $5,000

We have also allocated an additional $10,000 as a contingency in reserve for other programs that might be cut as the year proceeds.

The attached spreadsheet shows income and expenses for this year’s budget, along with comparisons from prior years. For last year, both the budgeted and the actual amounts are shown, and actual income and expense numbers are shown for the prior four years, for reference.

The first page shows details of our standard program distributions. This includes PTA funding for classroom supplies, field trips, computer instruction, assemblies, etc. The total budget for these expenses this year total $67,950: an increase from last year’s actual expenses of $53,011. Note: the budgeted allocations for this year don’t necessarily show what we WILL spend, but are a limit of what we can spend up to. We’ve usually spent less and earned more in fundraising than the budgeted amounts.

The second page shows details of proposed supplemental spending for this year: $10,000 in reserved contingency funds, and $43,000 in new program expenses. Added to our customary program expenses, this totals $120,950 in budgeted expenditures for this school year.

Last year we also added budget allocations for contingency funds and supplemental programs. Spending last year for these programs totaled $23,818—details are shown on the attached.

The third page shows our fundraising budget: how much we hope to make, and what we’ll spend to make it. Our largest fundraising activities are the direct appeal, with a budget of $12,500 income, and the auction, with a budget of $19,750 after expenses. Our total net income for this year is budgeted at $57,100.

The line called “Program Costs Less Income” shows what we’ll spend less what we’ll earn. This year, we’ve budgeted spending $63,850 more than we’ll make: using some of the cumulative reserve fund that we’ve built up over several years. This reserve fund represents donations from parents who may no longer have kids at Madera: it’s our responsibility to invest it back into the school community. We will always, though, maintain a reasonable reserve fund to begin the school year. Note: in 2007-2008 we ended the year with a surplus of $43,454, which significantly built up the reserve. This was due to an unexpected reversal of support that the PTA had paid through WCCUSD for computer instruction, EL instruction, and copy paper. This support has since been cut by the district.

We will report on fundraising and program expenditures at every PTA meeting during the coming year. I encourage you to come to the meetings. Many thanks to treasurer Linda Geiser for keeping track of all of the numbers, and to PTA executive board for the thoughtful input into developing this year’s budget.

Questions and suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all of the Madera community for making this such a great school!

David Miller