No Middle School in El Cerrito?

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Last night’s school board meeting had an agenda item about removing the portables from El Cerrito High School and moving Portola students to temporary buildings on the Portola lower pad while Castro is rebuild. Completely unexpectedly, the board voted instead to possibly close Portola altogether. Joanna Pace, Portola PTSA President, was at that meeting, and wrote the mesage below late last night.

I’ll post more information as it comes available. The next school board meeting is Wednesday, January 20th– please come to that meeting or contact the school board to let them know your feelings about this- contact information is below.

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Dear Portola Parents,
I’m having a hard time writing this Update…
The Board did something so unexpected that I am wondering if it is even legal…
They voted to rescind their decision to move us to the ECHS portables AND included in that vote that they will either
1.) Close Portola permanently at the end of this year, OR,
2.) Temporarily reassign students, in August 2010, to one of six locations…hold on to your hats:
K-8 at Mira Vista
K-8 at Stege
7-12 at Kennedy
7-12 at El Cerrito High
7-8 at DeJean
7-8 at Helms

The power point presentation on this was not in the Board packet, but I will ask that it be made available.

Please plan on coming to the Jan. 20 School Board meeting to voice your objections to this plan that was made with no public notice.

And raise hell with the school Board right now. Send them your emails. Tell them we want a middle school in El Cerrito.

Come to next Tuesday’s PTSA meeting, for more information.
Too tired to write more,

—J.Pace PTSA President

School Board emails:
Madeline Kronenberg
, President
Antonio Medrano, Clerk
Audrey Miles
Charles T. Ramsey
Tony Thurmond

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  1. Here is a letter that I just submitted to the West County Times about Madera.

    “Where Oh Where Can Madera Kids Go?”
    (Sung to the tune of, “Where Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?”)

    Oh where oh where can Madera kids go, oh where oh where can they go? With their stay cut short because 6th grade is gone, oh where, oh where can they go?

    The school board has come up with several solutions for the displacement of Portola students, but they fail to address Madera students lacking a 6th grade option. Are they silently suggesting that our kids be moved to another elementary school for a year, moved again to another elementary school for 7th and 8th, and then a third time to El Cerrito High? For many years Madera did have a 6th grade, what happened? The lack of room at Madera couldn’t possibly be the reason as the school board has remedied the overflow at other local schools (such as Fairmont Elementary) by adding portables to their sites making room for extra classrooms, why not Madera?

    I hope the board isn’t planning to add Madera 6th graders to the 7th and 8th grade group they suggested sending to El Cerrito High in the interim. Yikes!

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