Wednesday’s School Board Meeting

WCCUSD School Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
6:30pm / De Jean Middle School
3400 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond

Dear Families- As you know, the school board meets on Wednesday night to review options for the Portola relocation. Though not on the agenda, options for adding a sixth grade at Madera starting next year are part of this decision. This meeting will be an important one- please try to come to the meeting– Joanna Pace, Portola PTA President and a middle school teacher herself, clearly outlines the importance of this meeting, below…

/david miller

Joanna Pace writes:
Dear Current and Future Portola Parents and Supporters,
If you want to keep a middle school in the southern part of WCCUSD, I need you to come to the next Board meeting!

Our message is simple:
“Keep our Portola community together! Put us on the Lower Pad.”

Please attend. Bring your family. Wear green and gold. You don’t have to talk, but if you want to be a speaker, fill out a speaker card, as soon as you arrive.

Though we are item # G.1., when lots of families show up the Board usually moves the item up, so prepare to be there from the start of the meeting at 6:30.

Politely, but firmly, and in a great number, we will send the message that families all over the southern part of the district want to preserve the choice of having a middle school to attend in our area: Portola Middle School!

Thank you for stepping up for Portola. See you there,

—Joanna Pace, Portola PTSA President

P.S. Can’t attend? Call or email school members, especially the top three on this list:

Antonio Medrano 223-0237
Audrey Miles 307-4601
Tony Thurmond 223-4394
Charles Ramsey 682-5600
Madeline Kronenberg 334-9646
Dr. Harter 231-1101