Thanks from Art Show + Café Della Madera

A BIG Thanks to all those who joined in and made the Madera Art Show fabulous, fun and a great Success! Hats off to:

Carla Andrade, Rula Adranly, Aubrey Ankrum, Inca Arechiga-Smith, Cristiane Brune, Maria Bueno, Cathy Chin, Rula Craner, Beckie Denio, Geri Engberg, Sally Wagner-Foster, Linda Geiser, Kathy Guarneri, Renate Hallock, Robin Hansen, Mrs. Holland, Patricia Hunt, Alonn Ilan, Evangeline Ireland, Ameena Jandali, Marsha Lincoln, Karl Mulligan, Rebecca Lawther-Jackson, Barbara Leivonen, Christy Leutzinger, Angela Marengo, Jessica McGuire, Shawn Oda, Grizelle Puente, Karine Reed, Stephanie Rivera, Ursula Schulze Gahmen, Hye-Young Song, Terri-Lynn Sullivan, Lily Suzuki, Mr. Trampleasure, Berkeley Tyler, and  Marilyn Willats.

That is a lot of people! Thank you all for doing such a great job and making it a pleasure to work on the Art Show! Many thanks also to the Madera PTA for making this event possible, the 5th Madera 5th Grade class, the teachers and staff of Madera, the tireless parents who helped with art projects and of course, the truly talented Madera artists whose creativity inspired the Art Show to begin with!

Thank you to our sponsors: Semifreddies Bakery, Prime Copy and Printing, Trader Joe’s El Cerrito, El Cerrito Natural Grocery Store, Monterey Market, Baskin Robbins, Costco and Rialto Cinema Cerrito!

Thanks from Café Della Madera

Thank you to the entire Madera community for your support of Café Della Madera, our 5th Grade Activities fundraiser at the Madera Art Show on Tuesday night.  The event was a record-breaker due to the participation of more than half the 5th Grade class!  Thank you to all who purchased tickets and dined with us – and thanks for your patience in waiting for a table.  Serving 250 hungry people in one hour is no small job!

Special thanks to Victor and Tracy Nava of Nava Catering for the spaghetti and Jessica McGuire for the salad.  Thanks to the many parent, grandparent and great-grandparent volunteers that made it possible!  And, finally, thanks to our 5th Grade servers.

Your tremendously appreciative event chairs,

Traci and Mike Stuart