Next Year’s PTA Officers

Hi all- I’m very pleased to announce that at last night’s PTA meeting, next year’s slate of PTA officers was elected unanimously. The PTA board for 2010-2011 will be:

President                       Linda Geiser
Executive VP                 Lucy Kirsch
Treasurer                       Aaron Lewis
1st VP, Programs          Sonia Coleman
2nd VP, Membership     Aileen Hackett
3rd VP, Fundraising       Steven Gaffagan
Historian                     Ameena Jandali
Secretary                      Krista Easton
Financial Secretary        Sally Wagner Foster
Auditor                          Kathy Carraher

Please join me in a rousing chorus of congratulations and THANK YOU to these great volunteers whose efforts make possible all that the PTA does for our kids! Next month’s PTA meeting (our last meeting of the year!) will be on Monday, May 10th– please join this special meeting as we install next year’s officers in their positions. Dinner will be served– details will follow.

There was more news from last night’s meeting- look for more messages related to other subjects shortly. See you at the auction on Saturday!


David Miller