THANK YOU! – PTA Direct Appeal

Hello Madera Parents!

On behalf of the PTA’s Direct Appeal Program, I just want to say an enormous


Due to your generous giving, we have reached and exceeded our goal of raising $20,000 in donations during this school year.  You are amazing!

Some families wrote a big check, others gave $25, $50 or $100– and many of them donated every single month.  And some gave $5, but in donating on a monthly basis, they were able to be a $50 donor by the end of the year.  Each donation was generous, especially since finances are tight for many of us these days.

Thanks to each of you for your generosity.  All those checks added up and will help the PTA pay for classroom materials and supplies for every child at Madera, special events and assemblies, and all the extras that make Madera a fun and enriching place to go to school.

*** If you have been meaning to make a donation, but just didn’t get around to it, there’s one more Direct Appeal flyer coming home this Friday.  You can help start next year off by making a contribution (of ANY amount) today.  Thanks!

(sorry, just couldn’t help making one more plug…it’s my job!)

All the best~~

Michelle Fadelli

Direct Appeal Chair