Measure M and 6th Grade at Madera

Yes on Measure MHello Madera,

Below is a message I received from Superintendent Bruce Harter regarding Measure M and what it specifically means to Madera.

We will also have a someone come to our next PTA meeting Oct 11th, for a Q&A regarding this matter. I have to admit, I didn’t understand the relevance to Madera, until I read Dr. Harter’s response. It’s important to get the word out now about passing Measure M. It needs a 2/3 majority for it to pass.


Harter: >>>  Measure M will provide operating money to save teaching jobs that will be lost without Measure M — more than 100 teachers who now teach at the K-3 level and keep our class sizes manageable.  The Measure will also bring back our elementary band program, support the arts in general, help to lower class sizes at middle and high schools.  There’s also a portion dedicated to improving safety — to pay for staff and police position that will also be lost without Measure M.

Because Measure M will make such a difference in the 6th grade question for Madera, the Board won’t begin considering how to make Madera K-6 until the election.  There are three ways that 6th grade could be added at Madera if Measure M passes 1) add two portable classrooms; 2) change the attendance areas back to close what they were before 2004 when the boundaries were last changed.  This would allow the school to keep the transfer students currently at the school; 3) Rescind some of the transfers to Madera.    If Measure M fails, K-3 classes will become 31, middle and high school classes will remain close to 38 per class, the elementary band program won’t be restored, the district will have make additional cuts to keep safety staff.

There’s too much at stake here not to support Measure M.