Traffic and Safety *updated*

FYI, the back circle might be congested today at pick-up because Brewster St is closed to all through traffic. The signs posted say it will be closed Oct 1st-5th.

Please plan accordingly to avoid delay and unnecessary craziness.

Hello Madera Drivers,

I’ve heard a number of complaints recently (and witnessed quite a few myself) of unsafe driving during pick up and drop off times.

Just a few helpful reminders:
PLEASE drive slowly in school zones. (25 mph or slower)
PLEASE drop children off at the curb side quickly and safely.
PLEASE pay attention to your surroundings and other drivers and pedestrians.
PLEASE stop for pedestrians in cross walks

DON’T park in the loading and unloading zones. EVER! – Even if you think you’re only going to be a minute.
DON’T park in Madera Staff designated spots.
DON’T instruct your children to run between cars to get to you.
DON’T park in the green zone in front of the school and leave your car unattended.

We all have the same goal, getting our children to and from school safely. Let’s all be respectful of each other, and if you are guilty of any wrong doings DON’T DO IT AGAIN! Don’t make me be the bad guy.

Linda Geiser
Madera PTA President

ps –
We need someone to step up to the PTA job of Traffic and Safety chair.
Always wanted to be a traffic warden ?
Have ideas on how to improve safety at Madera ?
Want to get involved ?
Then you are our man or woman !!
Please contact Aileen Hackett OR Steven Gaffagan to find out more !!!