How do I contribute something to the blue folders?

To recruit more help or get information or notices out for your event, you can use flyers in the Blue Folders. These need to be approved by PTA pres. or Exec. VP and the Principal on Wednesday mornings. The flyer you want to have approved goes into the translucent blue folder in the front of all the hanging folders in the PTA box on the metal shelf in the school office. Once it is approved by the PTA pres. or VP and principal, it will go directly to the copy person to be copied for the whole school, unless you specify differently. Leave a note for the copy person (Carla Willis) with any special instructions and your contact info. so if she has questions she can contact you. We are trying to limit the number of paper flyers that each committee sends out to save trees, money, paper and people’s attention. We ask that you do not send out the same flyer more than two times and one if possible, especially in the same month.

You can also use the Madera PTA by sending an email to Sandy Oliver. You send Sandy a copy of the notice you want to send out to the email tree and she forwards it to everyone on the email tree. I will leave it up to you from here to recruit and get information out for your event. Contact me (VP1 or VP2) if you have questions or need something. Thank you for taking your event on. We all appreciate it sooooooooo much! I want to make sure everyone is aware of the information below also.
~Steven Gaffagan & Aileen Hacket

The deadline for submitting items to Ms. Cotton for approval is Wednesday mornings at 8:00. If the last day of the school week is a Wednesday or a Thursday, the deadline is Tuesday morning at 8:00.

Also, I have been asked to pass along that if you are new to our school’s copy machines, please get training from me on using them before you make your copies. There have been some problems with replacing paper incorrectly and other issues which are easy to address with a “quick tour”. It makes too much work for Ms.Ruby if she either has to show people how to run the copiers, or has to fix them after they’ve been used improperly. Please call me if you want to meet at school for 5 minutes to learn how to use them.

If you need 1/2 or 1/3 sheet copies, made, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Submit a whole sheet for copying, with the formatting & spacing you want for all 2 or 3 items on the sheet.
  2. Leave a half-inch margin, at least, between the items, where the page needs to be cut. These 2 things will help ensure your handouts look the way you want them to.


Carla Willis