Madera Olympics *updated* – please return permission slips

Madera Olympics
Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi Everyone!!!

One more day till Olympics!

We still need a couple of things if any of you out there can help!

We need soccer goals! about 5 if you’ve got them! feel free to email Anne-Marie

We also need a couple more volunteers–
3 people for basketball 3:45-4:45
3 people for soccer: 3:45-4:45
1 person for check-out 3:30-4:45 ish…

Let us know!

Clean up would also be appreciated!

Feel free to ask us any questions!

See you all tomorrow at the olympics!!

Anne-Marie and Beth
Co-Chairs Madera Olympics

Madera Parents,

Please return the permission slip for tomorrow’s Madera Olympics
immediately. We MUST receive your permission for your child’s

If you cannot find your slip, please email me.

Thank you,