JustGive $10 Challenge + PTA Membership Drive Results!

Donate Now! Hello Madera Parents!

I just wanted to draw your attention to the JustGive note in last Friday’s blue folders.

For ten days only, our electronic donation service, JustGive.org, will add $10 to your online donation (of any amount). This offer is being made in recognition of their 10th anniversary.

This is a great time to try this service for the first time, or if you’ve already donated to make another small contribution and “draw down” the extra money from JustGive.

To participate, visit www.justgive.org/10years and select “Madera Elementary School’– then click “Donate Now” button.  Your donation will go to the Madera PTA and be spent to improve the educational experience for all the children at Madera.

(Please be aware that JustGive charges a 3% fee; they pool these fees and make additional, very worthy, donations.  In the last 10 years, JustGive has donated $130 million to more than 65,000 charities; visit their website to learn more.)


Michelle Fadelli, Direct Appeal Chair

PTA Membership Drive Results!

Congratulations to Madera parents!  During the PTA Membership drive,
414 adult representatives joined the PTA!  If you joined and would
like a membership card, please feel free to take one from the
Membership box in the office.

Do you now need an incentive to attend PTA meetings?  How about free
tickets to Lego Land?!  Come to the PTA meeting on Monday, October
11th at 7:15pm to get yours!

And, CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. McCormick’s Kindergarten class for winning
the participation contest!  Honorable mention goes to Ms. Miller’s and
Ms. Detten’s 2nd grade classes and Ms. Marshall’s 4th grade class.

The classes finished up as follows:

1    McCormick    80%
1    Trampleasure    58%
2    Woody    59%
3    Boettcher    68%
3    Cary    43%
4    Bashor/Searls    50%
5    L. Miller    73%
6    Dorn/Mekjian    50%
7    Phillips    50%
8    Marshall    75%
9    Nels    48%
10    Reyes    39%
11    Heydon    36%
12    Michika    68%
13    Detten    77%
14    Schooley    65%
15    H. Miller    61%
16    Timar    44%
17    Bennett    55%

Ms. McCormick’s class wins an ice cream party and coupons for free
kids’ meals at Rubios.

Just because the contest is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still join.
There are envelopes in the Membership box in the office, or just use a
plain envelope and put your $10 membership dues in your blue folder or
the box.  Or donate online!

Thank you!
Alonn Ilan
Membership Drive Chair