Measure M Precinct Walk – Last Chance to Secure Local Funding for Our Local Schools

Yes on Measure MSaturday, October 30, 2010 / 9:00am
Easter Hill United Methodist Church
3911 Cutting
Richmond, CA

As the November 2nd election nears, we cannot express how grateful we are for the tremendous outpouring of volunteer support for Measure M.  Even in light of the worst economic climate since the great depression, we have incredible momentum and a good chance of passing Measure M.

The next 11 days, however, are critical.  We need every single YES on measure M vote possible to ensure funding for our local schools.  We need YOU to get involved and help make a critical difference for the children of West Contra Costa County!

On Saturday, October 30, we’ll be gathering for our final precinct walk through Richmond, El Cerrito, and Kensington.  We need you, your friends, family and neighbors there!

To sign up in advance or for news, resources, and other information about Measure M, visit our Website and facebook page.

See you there!

Glen Price and Genoveva Calloway
Co-Chairs – Yes on Measure M!

PS: Please forward this message to all lists and networks in West Contra Costa concerned with the future of our children and schools.