A Rockin’ Auction Dinner!

Hey Madera Parents–

We are just about six months past the Madera Auction, and that means we have just six months to go!

I just wanted to share that a lucky & generous set of ten Madera parents recently enjoyed a five-course meal that they won at the Madera auction last April. The meal was prepared by Madera dad and professional chef, Arnon Oren, with manual labor and a little “sous cheffing” by me. The parents bid on this item during the live auction– I think it was fun to win and fun to enjoy with their friends! (and word is, after the chef departed, the parents continued the celebration by making music and rocking out!)

YOU TOO can bid & win at the auction. OR, you can start thinking NOW about something to donate….is there something special that you make? A special skill or expertise that would be invaluable to another parent?!

Thanks to your generosity and volunteering, it’s gonna be a great year at Madera!

Cheers~~ Michelle Fadelli