6th Grade on School Board Agenda

WCCUSD School Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
DeJean Middle School – 6:30pm

Hello Madera and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is glad to be getting back into the routine and kids got out the door this morning with out too much complaint.

Just a quick reminder that the school board meeting where they will be voting on adding a 6th grade to Madera is this Wednesday the 5th at DeJean Middle School. It will be voted as a consent item. These are generally routine items that are most often approved as a block. Occasionally a board member objects to one item, but most often there is little discussion or public comment. Please continue to email the board and Dr Harter today or tomorrow to encourage their support. Consent items usually come up pretty early in the agenda, so it could come up for a vote by 7:00 or so.

Here’s the text of the agenda item:

C.19 Adding 6th Grade at Madera Elementary

In February 2009, the Board approved changes to grade configurations for several schools as a result of the school closure plan. One consequence of that action was to leave only Ford elementary in Richmond and Madera Elementary in El Cerrito with a K-5 configuration among all the elementary schools south of Hercules. In 2010, the Board approved, at the request of the Ford school staff, allowing Ford to add a 6th grade for 2010-11. During the public hearings about the temporary location of Portola Middle School in January of 2010, parents of Madera Elementary requested that Madera be allowed to add a 6th grade for the 2011-12 school year.

As a result of attendance area expansion in 2004 and an increasing number of out-of-attendance area transfers into the school, Madera does not have space to add 6th grade. Madera currently has 61 students in fifth grade who are assigned into one fifth grade class and one fourth-fifth combination class. If state funding remains stable for 2011-12 it is likely that the school will need space for two classes in order to house 6th graders at the school.

At the November 17, 2010 meeting, the Board discussed four options for creating space at Madera so that sixth grade students could attend there. The consensus of the Board was to approve adding 6th grade at Madera beginning with the 2011-12 school year and to do so by either adding relocatable classrooms or consolidating space within the school but not by rescinding current student transfers to Madera. Board members also indicated that they would consider attendance area changes if warranted in the future but not for the 2011-12 school year.

That the Board approves the addition of 6th grade at Madera beginning with the 2011-12 by adding up to two relocatable classrooms if necessary.

Fiscal Impact:
Up to $150,000 from the capital fund

Linda Geiser
Madera PTA President