Art Show + Spaghetti Dinner

Thank You from Café Della Madera At the Madera Art Show

To the Madera community thank you for your support of this 5th grade fundraiser. We were able to raise just over $1,000 for 5th grade activities. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all your kind compliments of the 5th grade waiters and waitresses. They did do a wonderful job! Special Thanks to Jensen Wong & Lianne Tsujimoto-Wong for donating the salad dressing and tomato sauce for our event.

Special thanks to all those who gave of their valuable time to help make this event possible: Natalie and Dino Corti, Marini Wiyono, Karla Andrade, Marcia Lincoln, Sally Foster Wagner, Judy Chin, Nancy West, Shawn Oda, David Beck, Barbara McCormick-Degnan, Peter Degnan, David Miller, Sandy Oliver, Grizelle Puente, Shelly & Deepak Ajmani, Tanya Baker, Jamie Heans, Kathie Gimla Carraher, Gail Tsujimoto-Cho, Tammy Aguiniga-Garretson, Yan Hong-Heim, Natalie Page, Elaine Suess, Jensen Wong & Lianne Tsujimoto-Wong, Theresa Nobles, Byung-Hyun Park & Hye-Young Song, Christy Leutzinger, Kelly Lippe, Rie Uzawa,. Forgive me if I have missed your name and please know we really appreciated your help.

Café Della Madera Event Chairperson: Kathy Guarneri

Madera Art Show
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | 6pm – 8pm
Multipurpose Room
Dinner: 6pm-7pm

Menu Includes:
Madera garden salad w/ Italian dressing, spaghetti with marinara sauce (Plain spaghetti available upon request), rolls with butter and lemonade or water.

“First come first seated. While you wait to be seated please enjoy the art show. Once you are done with dinner, you can view the art show so another family can sit and eat, it will be appreciated by all”

$9/Adults     $6/Children 12 & under     $26/Family of four
(Limited tickets will be sold at the door for $10/adults and $6/children)

To reserve, please complete the form and and return with your check in an envelope marked “5th Grade Café Della Madera Fundraiser.”

A couple parents have asked what to do if their children can’t finish their art projects on time. Here’s the scoop; if you can hand in a completed entry form on time and bring the finished work by Friday at the latest, it is not a problem for us. But you have to get the form in on time, that is, tomorrow, Tuesday morning 8:00-10:00 or 11:30-12:00. This allows us to process the entry and gives time for the volunteers making the labels for the show and doing the calligraphied awards.

If you submit both the form and work late we will ask you to help with the show. Please understand that we cannot accept any entries after the end of school on Friday.

Thank you
Natalie Roth-Corti and Christy Leutzinger