PTA meeting – Important Vote!

Monday, February 7, 2011 | 7:15 p.m.

Download the agenda (PDF file)

Hello All,

This Monday is our first PTA meeting of 2011! At the meeting we will be voting on Capital Improvement items that have been discussed and narrowed down at past meetings. All of the items that we will be voting on have been either through parent or teacher suggestions.

We will be voting on whether or not to spend on:

1. Landscaping in front of school: Up to $5000
This project is separate from the current management of the school garden and is limited to only the park strip that runs across the front of the parking lot.

2. Umbrellas for the the picnic tables: Up to $600
This is to replace the broken ones purchased by the PTA in 2009.

3. Document Cameras and Overhead Projectors for the classrooms:
Up to $4000

This is for 2 complete sets of document cameras and overhead projectors that will be attached to rolling carts and shared among the grades.

4. DVD / Sound System for the MPR: Up to $3000
Audio / Visual system to be able to view movies and other multi media assemblies in the MPR.

We have a very packed agenda. If you have any questions regarding any of these items, please let me know by email prior to Monday’s meeting. Only paid PTA members who are present are qualified to make motions, discuss and vote.

I look forward to seeing a packed meeting on Monday in the library at 7:15.

All the best,