Special Board Meeting on the 2011-12 Budget

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
DeJean Middle School

Our Board will be having a special meeting about the 2011-12 budget on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 beginning at 6:30 PM at Lovonya DeJean Middle school in Richmond.  While we were encouraged by Governor Brown’s commitment to K-12 education in his budget message, we’re concerned that protecting education is dependent on three major challenges:  1) The California Legislature has to make more than $12 billion in cuts to vital programs such as health and human services; 2) Two-thirds of both houses of the Legislature must agree to place the extension of current taxes on the June ballot; and, 3) Voters must approve those tax extensions.  So our Board is faced with having to make decisions early next month about layoffs and allocation decisions when they won’t really know much about the 2011-12 state budget until June at the very earliest.   Even though more than 350 people attended a series of budget meetings in January, the Board would like to hear from community members, parents and staff about strategies and possibilities for developing alternate budget scenarios.   So please join the Board next Wednesday to help shape the district’s strategy for dealing with uncertainty.   We hope to hear from you  and provide you with information and insight into the dilemma facing the Board.

Bruce Harter
West Contra Costa Unified School District