Amendments to PTA bylaws

The Madera PTA will be voting to adopt the 2009 amendments to the bylaws at the March meeting.

Download a PDF Scan of the bylaws document

The following are the proposed amendments to the Madera bylaws:
1. page 3 Article IV section 4 The PTA membership fee increase from $7.25 to $10

2. page 4 Article IV section 6 Date change for first remittance of dues to Council, state and national portions from Nov.1 to Oct. 1. 5 Article V section 2 Deletion of corresponding secretary duties to be included into recording secretary duties.

4. page 8 Article VI section 3 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice President titles changed to Programs Coordinator, Membership Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator, respectively.

5. Page 8-9 Article VI section 4 Incorporation of corresponding secretary duties into secretary duties.

6. page 11 Article VI section 8(7) change audit completion months to January and July; Assoc. adaption at the March and October meetings.

7. page 13 Article VII section 1 Association meetings changed to 2nd Monday; dropped meeting in the months of January and June.

8. page 14 Article VII section 5 Quorum increased to 15

9. page 18 Article X section 1b. elected/appointed delegates removed to alternate

10. Article X section 3 Bayside increased to $1.00