Scope out the Madera Meadow!!

Scope out the Madera Meadow!
Over the break, the PTA had the front park strip re-landscaped. In honor of all of the work our school community has done to increase our stewardship of the earth, we tried to make this project as green as possible. Here are some fun facts about our new meadow:

  • We call this area the Madera Meadow because while there are larger shrubs along the edges, we planted CA wildflowers and grasses along much of the central portion. Now, we just need to wait for it all to grow in!
  • All plants are Bay-friendly and roughly 95% are native to California. Most of them are also deer-resistant! For more plant information, please look at the included species list.
  • All 15 cubic yards of mulch were donated by the City of El Cerrito.
  • We “sheet-mulched” the entire area. This means that we spread recycled cardboard and newspaper and a thick layer of mulch or decomposed granite over just about everything. This will help suppress weeds and it will allow us to use less water.
  • We re-used old pavers from the garden to create pathway edges.
  • We used local stumps from a fallen tree to create benches.
  • The pathway forms the shape of a native animal. Can you find its head, stomach, and tail?

If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact brains and brawn behind the operation:

Molly Wahl
Madera Garden Coordinator

Tony Poeck
Indra Designs (Contractors license: #960204)
(415) 895- 0343

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