The end of the school year in Madera’s School Garden

Open Garden
Friday, June 3, 2011
2:40 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for an amazingly beautiful year in the garden.  We have done so much this year that I think we have set new records for garden productivity! But all good things must come to an end (or at least have a brief hiatus), and so I want to let you know about a couple final garden-related things-

The garden will be open one last time this school year for people to come on out and enjoy how beautiful it is.  Put this date on your calenders:  June 3rd from 2:40-4:00.  This is not intended as a work day, although if you REALLY want to pull weeds, I will not turn you away.  I would just like to have families spend some time exploring all of the interesting plants and insects in our garden.

I will update the garden website one more time next week and that will be it until September.  I will send out an email next week to let you know when the update has happened.

If you know other Madera community members who are interested in summer-time harvesting, let them know to email me so that I can put them on this list. BTW, all of the weeks for the summer garden adoption have been taken.  Thanks!

A group of West County garden coordinators/educators are trying to drum up support from the school board for our great school gardens.  To that end, I have given teachers a simple form that kids can fill out using drawings and words that explain why they love our garden here at Madera.  Whatever number of forms I get back will be combined with the documents collected from garden-going kids at other schools and given to the school board.  Just an FYI!  (And teachers, if you have the time, please help with getting kids to fill these out.)

And finally thanks again to all of you who attended work parties, helped with EARTH WEEK, volunteered with classes, or otherwise gave of your time, money, and/or labor.  Our garden is AWESOME because of you.

Many abundant harvests,

Molly Wahl