Back to School FAQs

Hello All,

The sun is finally coming out, you know what that means: Back to School time!

I wanted to send out an email to all because I have been getting lots of questions regarding all sorts of items. Rather than sending out dozens of responses here is one response to all your questions:

Classes will be posted after 5:00 pm on Monday the 22nd in the front of the school. 

Please try to send the items on that are on the supply list the first day of school with your child. It’s OK if you don’t have everything on the list, and it’s OK if you didn’t get exactly the specified items. Some of the supplies will be for the class to share and use during the year, some will be for your child’s personal use. We will be collecting “overstock” of supplies for a school wide supply drive. If you happened to purchase extras of anything please send those items at a separate time so as to not confuse your child’s teacher with non-essentials.

In addition to the supplies don’t forget to pack a snack and lunch on the first day of school.

The first day of school is a minimum day as well as all Wednesdays, meaning classes are dismissed at 2:05. 

Classes start at 8:30 am everyday for grades 1-6. Please allow enough time to walk your child to their classroom. Parking is limited and traffic is congested. There is no parking in the school parking lot for parents. These spots are reserved for STAFF ONLY! Have a family plan how drop offs and pick up are going to work. Remember, we all have the same goal, to get our children to and from school safely.

There is a New to Madera Orientation tomorrow night at 6:00 in the library for adults only. This is for families of children entering grades 1-6. The Kindergarten Orientation on Monday the 22nd from 10:00 – 11:00, is open to Kindergartners and parents.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!