Submit forms online

Welcome back Madera Families!

Last year the Technology Committee launched an online paperless version of the weekly folders. You may have seen the Paperless Blue Folder even if you didn’t officially go paperless. Approximately 1/2 of Madera students went paperless last year. With all the success of our first year, the Technology Committee has decided to take the next step: Online forms.

Now, in addition to being able to view PTA flyers and announcements online, you’ll be able to submit many forms online as well. In your child’s Blue Folder today you should have received a combination Roster/Volunteer Sign Up/PTA Interest form, which we have also made available here:

No printing necessary! Just enter your information and click the SUBMIT button at the end. Why complete forms online instead of on paper? There are many reasons we’re making this switch. Besides the obvious issues of saving time and paper, there are also concerns such as illegible handwriting, children losing or misplacing papers, and the amount of volunteer time it takes to manually enter all the data. With online versions, we help the environment and allow volunteers to be able to use their time more productively.

Look for more forms to be available online soon, including the 1000 Page Club forms. Also coming soon will be online sign ups for volunteers.

If you have any questions, please contact Bethany or David.

Bethany Campbell