Farewell from the Fadelli Family

Dear Madera Friends~~

I am so sorry to say that my daughter, Christina, is no longer at Madera
School. We had filed a transfer request several years ago so she could go
to school with her sister in Albany.and the transfer just came through. We
are all in a bit of shock, and are missing our Madera friends terribly.

We love EVERYthing about Madera-the school, the garden, the teachers, and
all the students and their families! And we REALLY love all the events and
activities. It will be very difficult to miss all this in the coming years.

It has been a great pleasure to meet so many friends and families-both kids
and adults-at Madera. We hope to continue these friendships in all the
after school hours available to us! It has also been my pleasure to serve
as the chair of the PTA’s Direct Appeal program for much of the past 10
years. During that time, we’ve probably raised $200,000 for the children of
Madera-through YOUR generosity. As always, I want to thank you for giving
generously month after month. I will be supporting your new chair in making
a smooth transition, and know that you will also continue your contributions
as generously as ever.

Our thanks to all of you who make Madera School so very special. The Madera
community has cared for my girls during their formative years, and will
always hold a very dear place in our hearts.

Best wishes to you all.and see you at Pizza in the Park!

Love and best wishes,

Michelle Fadelli

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