Supply Drive Results

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent supplies to Madera, whether it was from the recommended supply list or any extra items for the supply drive. I know the teachers really appreciate the generosity.

The supply drive was a wonderful success. Many families participated, donating so many supplies. Among the donations were: dozens of boxes of tissues and rolls of paper towels, hundreds of pencils, 300+ pocket folders, 100 boxes of crayons, colored pencils and packages of loose leaf paper, 175 glue sticks, and a few hundred composition books and spiral notebooks, and much, much more.

The two classrooms that donated the most supplies were Ms. Phillips (K-2) and Ms. Miller (3-6). They’ll each receive an extra 15 minutes of recess as a prize!

Thanks again to everyone who sent in supplies. From pencils to paper to permanent markers, it’s all appreciated!