Become a member of the PTA.

PTA membership chair, Suzanne Ridel, has been busy tallying all the memberships that have come in so far. There is still time to join before the membership drive contest is finalized this Friday 9/30. Annual membership is only $10 per person ($20 per couple).  Joining the PTA allows you to vote on PTA funding and other decisions (though all are welcome to attend the meetings) and makes the organization a stronger and more effective voice for our children. PTA dues support the work of the PTA at unit, council, district, state and national level.

Why become a member? Members are the strength of our organization. Active and informed members make positive decisions that affect the welfare and education of our children. Everyone can be a member of the PTA. The more members enrolled in PTA, the more powerful our voice.  Our community is our greatest asset.

To become a member, simply include membership dues in an envelope and return with your child.  Be sure to write Your Name, Your Child(ren)’s Name, and Class, on the envelope so your child’s class will earn credit toward the ice cream contest. Please make checks payable to Madera PTA.

Although you can become a member anytime during the school year, the class contest ends this Friday! Don’t delay, join today!

Linda Geiser
Madera PTA President