Rescheduled Work Day in the Garden

Garden Work Day
Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 | 12pm – 2pm

Hello Madera Community,

The Garden Work Day that had been set for this Saturday, October 15th from 12-2 has been rescheduled to next Saturday, October 22nd from 12-2. Please update your calendars!

There is a very exciting reason for this schedule change- the two big pine trees at the top of the garden are being removed on Saturday!!  Yes, they are finally coming out.  The tree removal service should begin work around 8am and they will be busy for most of the day.  But, once they are done we will have stumps to sit on,  mulch to spread around in garden, and more sun at the top of the garden.

For obvious safety reasons we can’t be working in the garden while they are operating chippers, chainsaws, and other various types of heavy equipment.  However, as long as you stay well out of their way, it might be neat for Madera families to come by and watch as these landmark trees are removed.

See you on the 22nd- I hear we might have lots of mulch to move!!

Molly Wahl
Madera Garden Coordinator


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