Madera Dad’s Club – Inaugural Meeting

Thursday November 10, 2011
7:00pm | Library

Madera parents – we are starting a Dads Club at the school, so mark you calendars for a pizza social to promote and explain the Dads Club.

What’s a Dads Club?
It’s an arm of the PTA targeted towards ‘hands on’ volunteers.
Fewer meetings, more tool-belts.

Is it just for Dads?

No. Everybody is welcome. If we didn’t call it a Dads Club then the fellas would think it somehow wasn’t meant for them.

What will the Dads Club do?

  • Help the PTA setup and teardown events
  • Lean on broom handles and talk about Sunday’s game.
  • Put on movies and other audio-visual spectaculars at the school
  • Help the teachers by doing odd-jobs in the classroom
  • Other on-campus workparties

So bring your ‘Can Do’ attitude and a firm handshake – let’s get this thing off the ground.

When’s that kick-off meeting again?
Ask your better half, she’s already put it in the calendar, and she’ll send you along on the night.

IF YOU ARE COMING : let me know so I can keep a couple of slices of pizza for you.

Paul Normington
Kindergarten parent

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