Madera Band Concerts

Madera Band Concert
Tuesday December 6, 2011
6:30pm | Multipurpose Room

Area Band Festival
Wednesday December 7, 2011
7:00pm | El Cerrito High

Hello Band Parents,

We have two exciting concerts the Madera band students will be performing in December. The first will be Madera band students held at Madera in the MPR on Tuesday, Dec. 6th. The band students need to be there at 6pm and the concert starts at 6:30pm sharp and will end at 7:15pm! There are 80 children in band this year (Hurray Madera Band!) This also means the band students, their chairs, instruments and music stands will take up over 1/2 of the MPR, including the stage. Therefore, we will only have seating for those who can not stand, otherwise it will be standing room only. We need 10 parent volunteers to help with set up at 5pm, Dec. 6th, in the MPR. We need 5 parent volunteers for take down at 7:15pm. If you can help, contact me.

The second concert is on Wed., Dec. 7th at ECHS and is an area band concert. All the elementary schools that have band, Portola and ECHS bands will be playing. The concert is in the ECHS theatre. The starting time I’m assuming is the same as Tuesday night students there at 6:30pm, concert at 7:00pm. For the Madera band students it is the same music as on Tues. Dec. 6th. We will need 10 parent volunteers ( 5 for beginning and 5 for intermediate band) at ECHS to be “line minders”. The children will be waiting in line before they perform on the ECHS theater stage. The Madera beginning band and Intermediate band will play separately.We need parents to help the children stay quiet while they wait in line for the other bands to play. Once your student has performed they can go and sit in the audience.

All band students are asked to come and perform at both concerts if possible. The uniform for the concerts is white top and black bottoms. Ms. Magid, the band teacher, said please do not feel compelled to go buy new clothes just for these concerts. What ever you have in your closet for your child that is close enough is good. The uniform is not something to worry about, please just do your best! The answer to any of your band uniform questions is yes, it is OK!

If you are able to help with set up or take down on Dec. 6th or be a line minder on Wed. Dec. 7th, contact me. Please specify if you can help be a line minder for beginning or intermediate band on Dec. 7th. You can always just show up to help, many hands make light work!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Kathy Guarneri (PTA band rep.)

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