Free Gardening Class in April

Harvest Time / Broccoli from the Madera Garden!Perennial Possibilities
Friday, April 20th, 2012
In the Garden

Hello wonderful Madera Community,

Hope you are enjoying the much needed rain we are receiving today (and the rest of this week.)  The Madera Garden is offering a free gardening class in April.

Join me in my role as a Contra Costa Master Gardener as we talk about
the world of edible perennials.  If you are thinking about trying some
new plants in your garden this year, you should try perennials!  We
will learn about how they work, what they need, and what makes them so
fabulous.  We will offer some free loot while supplies last.

If you are interested in attending, please email me now!  I need at
least eight people to make this class happen!

Madera students are welcome as long as they are accompanied by their

**This is also going to be a garden work day, so if you feel like
coming and doing some work, in addition to the class (or in lieu of
the class) you are welcome to do so.



    • Hi Molly,
      Sorry for the mishap above. I’m a future Madera parent and don’t know anything about gardening and would love to plant things in my yard. I’d like to come to the class. Thank you for offering it.

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