Yes on K: Urgent – Please Read and Distribute

Hi All,

Our WCCUSD schools have already had $40 million slashed from their budgets over the last five years. Due to the financial situation in the state budget, our schools in WCCUSD are now at risk of MORE budget cuts for next year! BUT, please read on to find out what we can do to stop the bleeding!

In our schools, 52 teachers have already received pink slips, and 28 classified staff! With this reduction in staff, class size is at risk of being increased significantly in the lower grades, and cuts to some key programs would result such as counselors, librarians and sports.

Measure K is a parcel tax renewal (and a small increase) on the June 5th ballot. It would provide our schools the funding to maintain core academic programs, reduce class sizes, and improve college readiness, but ACTION IS NEEDED NOW to support our students and schools, and prevent even more devastating budget cuts!

Please post this note on your Facebook page and forward this message to five friends.

If Measure K does not pass, WCCUSD students will be hit hard. The District will be forced to continue with layoffs at all levels — including in the classroom. Without Measure K, elementary class sizes will skyrocket. All students will likely lose critical programs such as libraries, counselors, and sports.

In addition to the 52 certificated teachers who have received pink slips, the District has requested layoffs for another 28 classified staff positions, potentially terminating 80 positions if Measure K does not pass.

If Measure K passes, then class size reduction would continue at elementary schools, and the District will be able to decrease class size at high schools. Funding would also go to strengthen core academic programs in the classroom, including support for science labs, as well as technology training, after-school and college-readiness programs. The 52 certificated teachers could be retained.

Here are seven easy things you can do to help Measure K pass:

(1) Register to Vote by Mail:
(2) Inform yourself about Measure K:
(3) Display a window sign:
(4) Sign up to phone bank:
(5) Talk to your friends, and neighbors! – Forward this info to other parents/friends.
(6) Post this note on Facebook
(7) Make your voice heard: VOTE!

Measure K is a parcel tax measure on the June 5th ballot that would extend and increase the existing parcel tax for 5 years. The average cost of Measure K across the district will be about $44 per year for each homeowner, or 12¢ per day. There is a senior exemption for those over 65.

This letter was sent to me by a parent at Mira Vista, Ben Steinberg, and he is allowing me to share with you. I have also attached it to the email. This tax measure is a no brainer, if only people know why it is so important. Bayside Council at our last General Meeting on Monday, voted to support the measure and so can you. Let’s walk the walk on this one, and get the vote out. Voter registration is allowed on campuses and is a part of the PTA values and mission.

Thanks so much for all that you do, the PTA and your school would not be the same without you.


Laura Ramos
Parent Volunteer,
President, Bayside Council of PTAs

Bayside Council of PTAs
Richmond, CA and environs




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