Auction: Preliminary Report

Madera friends:

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Madera Auction. Whether you were a solicitor, donor, bidder, or auction staff – we are grateful for your contribution!

Some preliminary numbers:
Online silent auction:
# of items = 156
# bidders = 66
total value of winning bids = $6595

April 28th Auction:
# guests = 167
ticket proceeds (includes event tickets, photos) = $8068
total value winning bids & pledges= $23,718

Gross Sum: $6595+$8068+$23,718 = $38381

Please attend the PTA meeting on Monday, May 14th, for further details, including a break down of all of the costs. Our budget for auction expenditures was $8000, and we likely spent closer to $7000. Those numbers are trickling in.

Thank you,