Thank You to Carnival Volunteers!

On behalf of Bethany and myself, we want to thank everyone who helped out this year with the carnival; from the Dad’s group who worked tirelessly helping setup on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and tear-down Saturday afternoon to the cake bakers, game volunteers, and those who got roped into helping last minute 🙂 .   I know many of you worked throughout managing multiple shifts without having time even for a break and we really appreciate it.  It certainly couldn’t have happened without all your help.

It is parents like you who keep these events going and enjoyable for the kids.

In terms of fundraising (although this event is generally not intended to raise much $$), we grossed about $4000 before expenses which will easily be covered.  It looks like the El Cerrito Patch also found the event to be the winner for the areas in terms of creativity Madera Carnival Takes the Cake for Creativity.

Thanks for making this year’s carnival a success!

-David Roberts