Budget Proposals Wanted

Your PTA Executive Board would like your input on our 2012-2013 budget. This year, we operated on a planned deficit, and will likely need to reduce our expenditures for next year. The Board is meeting June 4th, so please submit proposals by Friday, June 1st.

All members are encouraged to submit proposals and/or suggestions. If you chaired an event this year, and foresee a change in your needs, please advise us. Likewise, if you are a teacher or staff member, please notify us of your needs. Your input will help our Board craft a reasonable and responsible budget.

Please submit ANY and ALL recommendations directly to me AND Aaron Lewis.

Note: the budget drafted by the Board will be offered to the membership for approval, as is customary, at the September membership meeting (tentative date: 9/10/2012). All budget requests must be received by Friday, August 24th, in order to be placed onto the membership meeting agenda. Anything submitted after that date would be placed onto the October agenda.