School Supply (SchoolKidz Kits)

Hi All,

Some of you picked up the supply lists for next year at Open House, and had questions about what the SchoolKidz Kits are. Basically, we get a discount from Staples and are able to sell these pre-assembled kits as a fundraiser for the school site council. (not the PTA) Takes a lot of the headache out of back to school shopping. All the kits are delivered the first day of school directly to your child’s classroom.

I ordered a sample last year to see what the kits looked like. I was really impressed with not only the quality of the merchandise, but the packaging and delivery as well. I’ll definitely be ordering a kit for both of my kids next year. You can check them out and order online by using Account #13466.

If you didn’t want to order the kit, you can just use the list as a shopping guide. (you don’t need to order the same brand as listed) I haven’t priced out the per unit price vs the kit price, but Staples assures that the price is competitive to what you would purchase them in the store.

Please let me, Ms Cotton or Ms Ruby know if you have any other questions.



  1. Please post the supply list on the website so that those who didn’t order can go shopping!

  2. Can somebody post the supply list per grade so parents can purchase their school supplies?

  3. Hi guys – am trying to get a hold of the list but it’s a bit difficult right now because no one’s in the office! Will post it as soon as I receive it. -mb

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