Upcoming Garden Events

Farmer’s Market this friday afternoon!

Hello all,

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder about some upcoming garden happenings:

1. Farmers Market this Friday (June 1st) from 2:40 till the produce runs out
We have a good variety of things for sale this time from potted strawberries plants to beets and fava beans, but we don’t have a lot of any particular thing. Our farmers are still learning what it takes to grow crops in quantity! Most items will cost $2.00, but a few specialty items will be more such as potted plants and roasted nuts made with rosemary from the garden. Thanks for supporting our 3rd grade farmers and our garden.

2. Good-Bye for the Summer
The garden will be open on the last day of school from 12-1:30 so that students can say good-bye to their favorite plants, birds, insects, and quiet spots.

3. Adopt the Garden for the Summer
The garden still needs care-takers for the summer. The following weeks have not been adopted by anyone. Please email me to sign up for one of them:

  • July 15-July 21
  • July 22-July 28
  • July 24-Aug 4
  • Aug 19-Aug 25
  • Aug 26- Sept 1
  • Sept 2- Sept 8

* I know that the three later dates are actually during the first couple weeks of school, but I will not be around for some of that time and could use some help managing the watering.

Thanks so much for all that you do to keep our garden growing,