Bad News / Good News

Hello Madera,

If you haven’t heard by now, Measure K lost by a VERY narrow margin. Thank you to everyone who got out and voted YES yesterday. Thank you to everyone who phone banked. Thank you to everyone who wore a pin or displayed a window sign. Thank you to everyone who talked to your neighbor and told them this was important. It was close, but unfortunately not close enough. It needed a super majority of 2/3 to win. A mere 636 more votes.

That’s the bad news. How it really will play out and effect Madera is too soon to say.

The good news is, Madera has a really strong PTA. We have passionate parents that are advocates for education and willing to put in the work for their children. We need to continue to work together and build on our strengths. Don’t give up because Measure K was defeated – we still need you!

We put up a fundraising thermometer back in early March and at the time we had raised $76,000. We set a very ambitious goal of raising $200,000 – to be able to keep funding the quality of programs you have grown to love. In just over 3 months we have raised $79,000!!! No, we didn’t make our goal of $200,000, but we raised more than half of our income in just 3 months! And we’re confident that if we keep up this level of fundraising in to next year, we will be able to sustain the level of programming the PTA covers.

Over summer, please continue to donate to Madera PTA through Direct Appeal – sign up as a recurring payment plan through PayPal. Clip your box-tops, use your Jamba Juice rewards card, renew your Safeway rewards card through E-scrip. Learn more about other ways you can help.

Next year, the incoming PTA Executive Board under incoming President, Steven Gaffagan – will be looking for your help. 2nd VP Negar Souza is already asking for Chairs for next year. Sign up to chair an event, it’s rewarding to give back directly to Madera. If you know of a new parent coming in to Madera, guide them to the website – which has been the hub of communication this year. Tell them Madera is full of heartfelt parents.

I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing the PTA for the past 2 years. Although I am looking forward to some down time, I will say it’s been very gratifying working with such a talented group of parents. I’ve gotten to know many of you through the PTA, many of which I now call friends. I look forward to seeing the PTA continue to grow and succeed next year and beyond.

Although we are frustrated by the loss of Measure K, don’t give up now. Keep fighting and keep giving.

All the best,
Linda Geiser

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