What Can You Do About Our School District’s Funding Crisis?

Dear Friends,

Our students need our support. As West Contra Costa Unified School District’s revenue from the state of California continues to decline, all our students are impacted by the loss of funding of critical programs in the classroom and school. The expiration of the local parcel tax in June 2014 means that our students will have even less academic support. What can you do?

Please come to two very important WCCUSD Board of Education meetings at Lovonya DeJean Middle School as the Board considers whether to place a possible revenue measure on the November ballot to address this funding crisis.

At the first meeting on Monday, July 23 at 6:00 pm, the Board will hear the results of a recent critical survey, gauging the support of voters for a possible parcel tax renewal and increase. At the second meeting on Wednesday, August 1 at 6:30pm, the Board will determine if any revenue measures will be on the ballot in November.

Make your voice heard at these two critical meetings! The Board needs to hear from all corners of our community, and hear that instructional support is our highest priority.

Want to help more? Join a grassroots, family-led, community driven effort called Support West County Students to ensure instructional support is our highest priority.

To find out how you can volunteer, please call (510) 255-1834 or send an e-mail to wccusdparceltax@gmail.com. To find out how you can pledge financial support to a parcel tax campaign, please send an e-mail to wccpti@gmail.com.

Please share this information with your family, neighbors, and community!


  1. Is this group also in contact with the organizers of Prop 38 (Our Children, Our Future)? This proposition it also going to be on the November ballet. What are the chances that the prospect of its passage may hurt passage of the local tax measure?

  2. Hi Rebecca – this parent-led group is different from the statewide education initiatives. There is a survey currently being conducted (by a consultant group) that will help answer that question. Even if one of the state level initiatives pass, we will STILL be $6million short. The parcel tax being discussed here is similar to Measure K. If you would like to find out more details, we expect to find out what the consultant reports to the Board of Education on Monday July 23rd’s board meeting. On August 1st, the Board will vote on whether they think our parcel tax has a chance of passing and give us permission to pursue it for the district.

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