Welcome to Madera ~ Get involved ~ Meet your community!

Hello families,
Welcome to Madera and continuing families welcome back!

We have a great year ahead of us. One of the best attributes about Madera is our community. The best way to be involved and to help the school, your children and get to know other families in the process is to volunteer!

While we have many continuing families maintaining positions from previous years we have many opportunities open for new families to lead the way and help!

Here are the positions open. I am free to discuss these in more depth with anyone who is potentially interested!

Positions Open:

Coming soon events!

  • First grade potluck
    (This is a 1st grade event- need a 1st grade parent only)
  • Supply drive coordinator
    (This is a beginning of year item- help organize and inventory supplies)

Later in the year events!

  • Winter Sing-a-long
    (easy, simple & fun!)

Spring events!

  • Art show & I-night combo night
    (This is a new combo event)
  • Carnival chair person or co-chair
    (Ever want to be in the circus? Now you can bring the circus/carnival to Madera!)

On going but email/ at home friendly jobs!

  • Library volunteer coordinator
    (This is mainly an email position)
  • Madera roster coordinator
    (This is an at home position)
  • Room rep coordinator
    (email only position/ possible phone)
  • Teacher appreciation coordinator
    (We have a lot of volunteers in place- need someone to help organize/email)

On-site jobs throughout the year!

  • Clean campus coordinator
    (Help our campus by working with the custodian once in a while to ensure we are clean)
  • Traffic safety coordinator
    (HUGE help! Ever been in the parking area at pickup/drop off?- help our kids be safe)
  • Striders
    (Work w/ teachers to help our kids stay fit!)
  • Olympic Reader chairperson
    (Tally up kids pages grades 3-6 and encourage them with prizes- funds paid thru the PTA of course)
  • Copy Person
    (Communication is KEY- we need someone to help facilitate and copy important papers for classrooms)

Expertise needed!

  • Grant writers
    (Work w/ the PTA president to help Madera get extra money!)
  • 6TH grade help…any 6th grade parents we need someone to head up the Innisbrook sales! Please email Linda Geiser directly on that item only.

Thanks and see you Monday!

Love the Souza 5,
Steven, Negar, Layla, Mia and Darius Souza