WCCUSD Volunteer Badge Requirement

Apply for Volunteer Badges with WCCUSD @ www.beamentor.org/now

Dear Madera Friends,

Are you interested in volunteering in the classroom, or on study trips? If so, please continue reading. In an effort to ensure our children’s safety, the school district requires volunteers to apply and wear badges. The badges include your photo, and help identify you to school staff.

From Marin Trujillo, Community Engagement Coordinator:

“This year WCCUSD has partnered with Be A Mentor Inc., to help us with the application processing and background clearances of volunteers.  The application process this year will be an online process.  All parents and community members interested in volunteering should be directed to the website listed below for instructions. Please provide the attached flyer to any parent or community member who is interested in volunteering in our schools.  The Category A,B and C badge classifications no longer exist. Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure a smooth transition to this new and improved process.

Please note: There will be a fee of $26 for all volunteers, an additional fee of $15 may be required if an FBI clearance is needed.


  1. For new volunteer applicants: FBI clearance is needed if you have lived in CA less than 10 years.
  2. Badges do not expire. If you have one from last year, it remains valid.
  3. TB test results are valid for 4 years. Once the 4 years is up, you must be tested again.

Please read the WCCUSD volunteer process document for further information. If you have any questions, let me know.

THANK YOU for volunteering at Madera! Your service makes our community stronger.


Steven Gaffagan
President, Madera PTA